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TitleJournalAuthor Last Names
Resilience in practice: Five principles to enable societies to cope with extreme weather events Environmental Science & Policy De Bruijn, Buurman, Mens, Dahm, Klijn
Comparative analysis of water rights entitlements in India and China Water Policy Jia, Sun, Svensson, Mukherjee
Combating river pollution in China and India: Policy measures and governance challenges Water Policy Wang, Mukherjee, Wu, Wu
Water governance in China and India: Comparison of water law, policy, and administration Water Policy Araral, Ratra
Ambiguity, Bureaucracy and Certainty: The ABCs of Enabling Water Self-sufficiency Policy and Society Leong, Qian
Paleofloods records in Himalaya Geomorphology Srivastavaa, Kumara, Chaudharyb, Meenaa, Sundriyalc, Rawata, Ranac, Perumala, Bishtc, Sharmac
Comparing Water Resources Management in China and India: Policy Design, Institutional Structure and Governance Water Policy Araral, Xun
The value of skills - Raising the socio-economic status of rural women in India Development Policy Review Chen, Chindarkar
Evaluating the Performance of Alternative Municipal Water Tariff Designs: Quantifying the Tradeoffs between Equity, Economic Efficiency, and Cost Recovery World Development Nauges, Whittington
Benchmark levels for the consumptive water footprint of crop production for different environmental conditions: a case study for winter wheat in China Hydrology and Earth System Sciences La, Mekonnen, Hoekstra
Water footprint and virtual water trade of Brazil Water de Paulo, de Olivera, Hoekstra, Neto, Campos, Braga, de Araújo, de Oliveira Aleixo, de Brito
A Multi Method Approach towards Assessing Urban Flood Patterns and its Associated Vulnerabilities in Singapore Advances in Meteorology Chow, Cheong, Ho
Uncertainty, Ambiguity and Adaptive Flood Forecasting Policy and Society Wasson
Embracing Uncertainty in Policy-making: The Case of the Water Sector Policy & Society: An interdisciplinary Journal of Policy Research Jensen, Wu
Timing and Causes of Gully Erosion in the Riparian Zone of the Semi-arid Tropical Victoria River, Australia: Management Implications Geomorphology McCloskey, Wasson, Douglas, Boggs
Assessment of Land Use Impact on Hydraulic Threshold Conditions for Gully Head Cut Initiation Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Samani, Khalighi, Wasson, Rahdari
Policy Dimensions of Development and Financing of Water Infrastructure: The Cases of China and India Environmental Sciences and Policy Tortajada
Does Political Uncertainty Affect Water Resources Development? The Case of the Eastern Nile Policy and Society Wu, Jeuland, Whittington
Responsive Regulation for Water PPP: Balancing Commitment and Adaptability in the Face of Uncertainty Policy and Society House
A clear and present danger: Ladakh's increasing vulnerability to flash floods and debris flows Hydrological Processes Ziegler, Cantarero, Wasson, Srivastava, Spalzin, Chow, Gillen
The Hybrid Model for Water Services Regulation: Mission Impossible? Utilities Policy Jensen, Wu
Adaptation Pathways and Real Options Analysis: An Approach to Deep Uncertainty in Climate Change Adaptation Policies Policy and Society Buurman, Babovic
Nongovernmental Organizations and Influence on Global Public Asia and the Pacific Policy Studies Journal Tortajada
Assessing Household Willingness to Pay for Bottled Water in Rural Areas of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam Water Resources and Rural Development Li, Chong, Wichelns
Influence of internal variability on population exposure to hydroclimatic changes Environmental Research Letters Mankin, Viviroli, Mekonnen, Hoekstra, Horton, Smerdon, Diffenbaugh
The water footprint of second-generation bioenergy: A comparison of biomass feedstocks and conversion techniques Journal of Cleaner Production Mathioudakis, Gerbens-Leenes, Van der Meer, Hoekstra
Water Footprint Assessment: Evolvement of a New Research Field Water Resources Management Hoekstra
Water, land and carbon footprints of sheep and chicken meat produced in Tunisia under different farming systems Ecological Indicators Ibidhi, Hoekstra, Gerbens-Leenes, Chouchane
Pathogenic waterborne free-living amoebae: An update from selected Southeast Asian countries PLoS One Majid, Mahboob, Mong, Jaturas, Richard
Public-private partnerships for water in Asia: a review of two decades of experience International Journal of Water Resources Development Jensen
A comparison of secondary precipitation products and station rainfall measurements Atmospheric Research Bhardwaj, Ziegler, Wasson, Chow
Understanding coastal processes to assist with coastal erosion management in Darwin Harbour, Northern Territory, Australia IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science Tonyes, Wasson, Munksgaard, Evans, Brinkman, Williams
Benefits, Costs, and Distributional Impacts of a Groundwater Trading Program in the Diamond Valley, Nevada Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions Zeff, Characklis, Jeuland, Kaczan, Murray, Locklier
Topsoil delivery to Himalayan rivers: the importance of sampling time Hydrological Processes Nawaz, Wasson, Bhushan, Juyal, Sattar
Adoption of increasing block tariffs (IBTs) among urban water utilities in major cities in China Urban Water Journal Li, Wu, Tang
Sustainable urban stormwater management in the tropics: An evaluation of Singapore Journal of Hydrology Lim, Lu
A composite framework of river sustainability: integration across time, space and interests in the Yellow River and Ganges River Water Policy Wu, Leong
Infrastructure development and the economics of cooperation in the Eastern Nile Water International Jeuland, Wu, Whittington
The Role of Emotions in Drinking Recycled Water Water Ching
Embracing the Study of Paradoxes in Hydropower Dams Law Critique Kang
Transboundary Water Cooperation and the Responsibility to Protect Journal of Water Law Devlaeminck
Reciprocity and the Development of International Water Law Journal of Water Law Devlaeminck
The Human Face of Water Security Devlaeminck; Zafar; Sandford (editors)
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