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Transboundary Water Cooperation and the Responsibility to Protect

The primary focus of this article is to argue that certain violations of the human right to water can act as a triggering mechanism for humanitarian intervention through the ‘Responsibility to Protect’ (R2P). This connection is established through R2P’s focus on the four mass atrocity crimes and water’s intrinsic connection to life. Once this connection has been established this article will determine what implications this may have for transboundary water cooperation, ultimately arguing that some aspects of R2P, particularly its focus on preventive measures, may be useful in the promotion of transboundary water cooperation. Although it is demonstrated that the connection may be a tool to promote transboundary water cooperation, owing to the concept of sovereignty, any such assistance cannot be forced upon other states.

Author Last NamesDevlaeminck
Journal NameJournal of Water Law
Year of Publication2015
KeywordsCooperation; Human Rights; International Law; Responsibility to Protect; R2P; Transboundary Waters

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