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Sustainable urban stormwater management in the tropics: An evaluation of Singapore

The Active Beautiful Clean (ABC) Waters Program was implemented in 2006 as part of Singapore’s stormwater management strategy and reflects the country’s move towards Water Sensitive Urbanism through the adoption of Low-Impact Development (LID) ideology and practices. It is the first holistic and comprehensive LID program in the tropics and holds promise for extension to other tropical cities. This paper presents a comprehensive summary of the goals, LID practices (ABC design features) and design considerations as well as results of several monitored sites, including a constructed wetland, two rain gardens, green roofs and three canal restoration projects. We evaluate the ABC Waters Program based on these initial results and consider the challenges, issues and the research needs for it to meet its hydrological and water quality remediation goals. So far, the ABC design features evaluated perform well in removing particulates. Performance in nutrient removal is poor. With over 60 projects completed within 10 years, post-project monitoring and evaluation is necessary and complements on-going laboratory and modelling research projects conducted by local academic institutions.

Author Last NamesLim, Lu
Journal NameJournal of Hydrology
Year of Publication2016
KeywordsABC Waters Program, Urban stormwater management, Tropics, Singapore

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