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The value of skills - Raising the socio-economic status of rural women in India

Using primary survey data collected in two sub-districts of Gujarat, India, on a unique programme that trains rural women with low human capital to repair village water handpumps, we examine the effect of skills training on their socioeconomic outcomes. We find that participating in the training programme significantly increases the probability of being employed outside household farms and women's contribution to household income in the lean season. Further, we find that programme participants spend more on female-favoured consumption goods and have a greater say in household spending decisions, though only from the women's perspective and not husbands’ or adult sons’ perspective. Consequently, providing skills training, even for part-time employment, can have positive effects on rural women's overall socioeconomic status.

Author Last NamesChen, Chindarkar
Journal NameDevelopment Policy Review
Year of Publication2016
Keywordsskills training, women, rural India, employment, intra-household status

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