Comparing Water Resources Management in China and India

Comparative water governance is a new and undeveloped field of study and there has been little systematic comparison between China and India. Yet, there are merits in a studied and careful examination of the water management systems of the two countries.

For one, it sheds light on similar challenges in water resources management in other developing countries. In addition, both China and India are key riparian countries in some of Asia’s most important international river basins, and their approaches to water conflicts in these rivers have significant impacts not only on water security but also on regional stability.

A new Water Policy special issue attempts to address some of these research gaps. Some of the issues discussed include a comparison of water laws, policies and administration; a comparison of transboundary river policies; urban domestic water pricing between India and China; and a look at state-water users’ relationships in large-scale surface irrigation in India and China.

Water Policy Special Issue: Comparing Water Resources Management in China and India: Policy Design, Institutional Structure and Governance. 

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